Woods to enter DUI module for first-time offenders


Tiger Woods has pleaded not guilty to pushing underneath a influence, though will enter a diversion module that will concede a assign to be forsaken after this year.

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods

Woods was not benefaction during a Palm Beach County building on Wednesday, though his counsel Douglas Duncan entered a plea.

Prosecutor Adrienne Ellis pronounced Woods had concluded to beg guilty to a obtuse assign of forward pushing and enter a county’s module for first-time DUI offenders.

“He is not being treated any opposite than anyone else,” Ellis said.

Under a defence deal, prosecutors would dump a DUI assign from his May 29 arrest, when a 41-year-old was found defunct during a circle of his Mercedes-Benz about 15 miles from his home in Jupiter, Florida, in a early hours of a morning.

Woods was apparently underneath a change of a medication painkiller and an anti-insomnia drug. No ethanol was found in his system.

As partial of a diversion program, a 14-time vital champion will be compulsory to spend a year on probation, compensate a tiny fine, attend DUI school, perform 50 hours of village service, and attend a seminar where victims of DUI drivers share accounts of how their lives were damaged.


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