Wildfires broken 222 hectares of land in West Aceh

Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA News) – Wildfires in West Aceh District, Aceh Province, had broken some 222.5 hectares (ha) of land and timberland areas in July, an central from a disaster slackening group settled here on Wednesday.

The fire mostly occurred in peatland areas in 9 sub-districts located in a provinces western coast, Yusmadi, conduct of a provincial disaster slackening agency, settled in a collateral city of Banda Aceh.

According to a agencys record, Johan Palawan Sub-district ranked as a worst-affected, with a sum of 98.5 ha of shop-worn area, followed by Meureubo Sub-district, with 51 ha; Kaway XVI, 16 ha; and Bubon, 15 ha.

Wildfires also raged in 4 other sub-districts, such as Sama Tiga Lahan, where an area of 10 ha was ravaged, 6 ha of Arongan Lambalek, 4 ha of Woyla, and one ha of Sungai, Yusmadi stated.

Earlier in July, a National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) had deployed dual helicopters to dump H2O bombs on several vital hotspots.

“Thank God, as a helicopters were deployed and a rainfall now, a fires and mist have gradually dispersed,” Yusmadi stated.

Meanwhile, on a apart occasion, BNPBs health and purify H2O chairman, Jarwansyah, remarkable final week that a group had deployed 5 pilots to stamp out a fires.

“Though a fires had been extinguished in some locations, we still found several hotspots in a district,” Jarwansyah remarked.

Due to a fires and thick haze, a economy and amicable sectors were disrupted in a district, while hundreds of people were pang from strident respiratory infections.

Apart from Aceh Province, wildfires also raged in some other provinces, including West Sumatra, Riau, and Central Kalimantan. The fire was especially caused by bootleg logging activities, plantations, drought, and a prolonged dry season.(*)

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