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Who stands to gain or lose from US-China trade deal?

After more than two years of escalating tariffs and a seemingly never-ending trade war, the United States and China have agreed on a first step towards a truce.

If it holds, it could be a boost for President Donald Trump in an election year.

But who will benefit the most from this initial phase of a broader trade agreement?

China has promised to open up its markets and buy more US goods.

In exchange, the US will lift some tariffs. Yet most will stay in place – and that’s where the problems start.

So, could this really be the beginning of the end of the trade war between the US and China?


Richelle Carey


Dan Wang – Analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Access China Service

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama – Director of the European Centre for International Political Economy, and a former Swedish representative to the World Trade Organization

Phil Caruso – Member of the Defense Council at the Truman National Security Project and a former intelligence officer in the US Air Force

Source: Al Jazeera News

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