WATCH: Federer plays with puppies…reluctantly


Birthday child Roger Federer was thrown a warn celebration by Wilson tennis and a outcome was, well, interesting.

The Swiss maestro, who incited 36-years-old on Tuesday, is in Montreal scheming for a arriving Rogers Cup. Federer took a mangle to underline in a promotional video and he non-stop a box to find an darling puppy.

“Is it a dog, right?” is not accurately what was expected, though it’s what was said…

Federer went onto contend that he has never been too lustful of dogs, though usually since he has indeed never had one as a pet.

“At a finish of a day we do adore dogs though we only haven’t spent adequate time with them,” he added.

“With all a travelling over a final 20 years it’s been unfit to have pets though we’ll have a dog some day.”


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