Utrecht explain opening day win

Cyril Dessers non-stop a scoring on 15 mins during a Cars Jeans Stadion before Sander outpost de Streek combined a second with 55 mins played. Dessers afterwards killed off a tie with his second of a night on 81 minutes.

Sheraldo Becker had a initial possibility of a compare on only dual minutes, for a hosts, yet saw his shot simply saved by David Jensen.

Dessers afterwards saw his 15th notation bid saved before violation a deadlock with a elementary finish from tighten range.

Gyrano Kerk unsuccessful to kick Robert Zwinkels a notation after before Bjorn Johnsen dismissed good over a aim for a home side.

Van de Streek was detrimental in 31 mins as Kerk saw another good shot kept out by Zwinkels.

Bjorn Johnsen headed far-reaching on 29 mins before banishment opposite a honest for Den Haag with 36 mins played.

Kerk was set adult by Urby Emanuelson during a start of a second half, yet again saw his shot saved, as Ramon Leeuwin headed his possibility over a target.

Kerk kept formulating chances, yet it became increasingly transparent that he was not going to find a behind of a net in this tie.

Van de Streek had no such troubles yet as he headed an Emanuelson smoothness into a behind of a net, with 55 mins played.

Danny Bakker was incompetent to get his side behind into a tie on a hour symbol while Tom Beugelsdijk strike a bar with a header on 65 minutes.

There continued to be a series of chances for both sides, with Den Haag guilty of wasting all of their opportunities to get behind into a game.

And a tie was truly over when Dessers bagged his second on a night, on 81 minutes, with a neat finish after a quick mangle forward.

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