Two million pilgrims intersect on Mecca for a hajj

Muslim pilgrims leave for Mecca for a hajj

  • published: 21 Jul 2015
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1. Various shots of hajj pilgrims nearing for confidence checks during airport
2. Various shots of of hajj pilgrims being searched, and effects being checked
3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lieutenant Colonel Neil Peckham, ISAF, (International Security Assistance Force):
“What we are saying now is an general response from a series of countries to try and support a halt administration with removing a hajj pilgrims to Mecca before Jeddah closes and we design that to start in a center of a week. In sold a United Kingdom during a impulse is providing tactical airlifts – C130s – routinely used for nutritious a British component of a ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) – to pierce pilgrims to Jeddah. ”
4. Various shots pilgrims
5. SOUNDBITE: (Pashtun) Vox Pop, hajj pilgrim:
“It is a normal outing to go down to Saudi. we am so happy about to be means to do it.”
6. SOUNDBITE: (Pashtun) Vox Pop, hajj pilgrim:
“I have been watchful for an aircraft for 4 days.”
7. Various pilgrims
8. Pilgrims boarding plane
9. Various shots of pilgrims sitting inside plane
10. Pilgrims boarding plane


Britain has sent 4 C-130 Hercules aircraft to Kabul to support hundreds of Afghans in reaching Saudi Arabia for a annual hajj pilgrimage.

Responding to a ask from halt personality Hamid Karzai, a British troops will be transporting around 500 pilgrims to Mecca over a subsequent few days.

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and a United Arab Emirates have also sent aircraft.

More than 5,000 Muslim pilgrims have been staying during Kabul’s airfield …

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/08/28/Two_million_pilgrims_converge_on_Mecca_for_the_hajj_m/

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