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Two Indonesian hostages in a Philippines freed

Singapore (ANTARA News) – Two Indonesians taken as hostages by Abu Sayyaf belligerent organisation in a Philippines were discovered on Thursday morning, Foreign Affairs Minister Retno LP Marsudi said.

“I would like to communicate an information about a nationals taken as hostages. We have an information from a Consulate General in Davao City that on Sept 7, 2017 during 6.30 a.m., dual Indonesian hostages were freed,” Retno settled here on Thursday.

The dual Indonesians are Saparudin bin Koni and Syawal bin Mariam, a apportion added.

Currently, a dual have been shifted to a corner charge force domicile in Sulu for health checkup.

“This is a common procession for liberated hostages,” she explained.

On Friday (Sept 8), a dual Indonesians would be eliminated to a Army Forces of a Philippines (AFP).

“The Indonesian Consulate General in Davao City would accommodate a dual Indonesians in Samboanga. They could afterwards be returned home to Indonesia,” Retno noted.

The dual Indonesians are crews of a Malaysian fishing boat Madai II Kunak. They were abducted by Abu Sayyaf belligerent organisation on Nov 19 final year in Batu Lahat waters of Sabah, Malaysia.

The militants reportedly hold some-more than a dozen hostages as captives in Jolo and a circuitously range of Basilan.

“Tomorrow morning, we will have an refurbish on a issue,” Retno concluded. (*)

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