The best group during a SEA Games isn’t in a semifinals


There is, of course, no decisive approach to magnitude peculiarity and what appeals to one might not to another; what one chairman thinks is profitable a subsequent might not and so on.

vietnam football Sea Gamesvietnam football Sea Games

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You can disagree about forms of food, of creates of automobile or phone, of tellurian traits or conform and of any other series of large items.

Football is positively tighten to a tip of a list of common disagreements over that organisation is improved than a next, that actor is some-more learned and that organisation ‘deserved’ to win a certain match.

So, here’s my grant to a discussion: a best organisation during this SEA Games is not in a semifinals.

A organisation that played with intrepidity and confidence, that possesses a best tender technical qualities not usually during this foe nonetheless for many past editions as good and that is a purists delight: up-tempo, pass-and-move, aggressive football of a tip order.

Yet here we stand, after a organisation was dejected by a sad referring preference in their final match, with Vietnam looking on as a 4 semifinalists ready to get down to business.

Just how this happened is still tough to trust given that they usually indispensable a indicate streamer into their final compare with an underwhelming Thailand side to tip a group.



Although they weren’t during their best and tended to lay behind some-more than they had in prior matches over a initial half, it’s value remembering that that they strike a post in a 42nd notation during 0-0, missed a chastisement in a second and were on a receiving finish of one of a misfortune decisions seen – in a catalog of them – during this contest so distant that led to a opening Thai goal.

It’s also value observant how heavily a pull is weighted in foster of a nations in a other organisation during this contest and that Vietnam entered this match, as did a Thais, on a behind of carrying played 4 matches over a past week and for reasons that are still not sufficient explained were forced into a honestly dangerous 4 o’clock kickoff for a second time in a tournament.

All those are excuses that a republic could indicate to nonetheless it positively would be fascinating to array this side opposite another republic in a foe entirely uninformed and complacent and see a outcome.

Even in Vietnam a organisation won’t shun critique for their disaster to strech a final 4 and already manager Nguyen Huu Thang has mostly to renounce in a arise of their disaster to do so nonetheless rather a male who also controls a comparison inhabitant organisation should be resolutely speedy to stay in place and draft a march of this well-developed rope of immature footballers.

If we were compiling – and Fox Sports Asia will shortly – a organisation of a contest there’s a really clever justification to have some-more than half of that XI drawn from Vietnam.

Bar a inclusive Myanmar brazen Aung Thu, a team’s aggressive block Nguyen Cong Phuong has simply been a many considerable actor during a contest with his relentless drive, silky touches and absolute finishing and he’s already a hold a courtesy of clubs in Asia and over as a result.



At a back, captain Bui Tien Dung has emerged as a ball-playing defender of a really high description while a fullbacks Doan Van Hau and Vu Van Thanh (although he’s much, many some-more than usually a defender) have been impetus personified with their relentless surges adult and down a flanks, their intrepidity in their defensive work and rent in attack.

In executive midfield, Nguyen Tuan Anh and Luong Xuan Truong have been best span of ‘recyclers’ during a competition, sport for a ball, winning it and starting a metronomical attacks that were a hallmark of this side with a usually vital area of regard being a skip of a discriminating unmitigated series nine.

The approach a organisation plays nonetheless that is of obtuse significance as a structure is really many one built of tactical flexibility, pointing passing, winning possession and fast attacks where it matters tiny who adds a final flourish.

Indeed, of a – contest high – dozen goals that they scored here they had 7 opposite scorers and that is serve justification of a character of football that they played.

Critics will indicate to a fact that they kick adult on a weaker nations in a organisation and afterwards struggled when it came to confronting a ‘heavyweights’ in Indonesia and Thailand and looking quite during a formula we can make that case; demeanour during a opening opposite Indonesia and we can’t consider anything but.

They had a whopping 62% of possession and reeled off 8 shots to one nonetheless still, somehow, were kept during brook by their stubborn opponents who fought tough to scratch that indicate with 10 organisation as Vietnam were thwarted time and again.



You can also make that box of struggling when a feverishness is on for a comparison side that fell in a semifinals of a Suzuki Cup to an Indonesian outfit that they comprehensively outplayed over dual legs as good nonetheless these are all tiny stairs on a approach to being consistently a best republic in a segment in terms of formula as good as a many critical area in that they already are.

All a concentration on formula does is skip a vital story to emerge from this contest and that’s Vietnam now have – hands down – a best technicians anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Their issuing aggressive moves and palliate in possession are in sheer contrariety to roughly each other republic in a segment who demeanour clunky and mostly onslaught to pass a round from Player A to Player B over a stretch larger than a metre and if we wish justification that eventually formula will upsurge as a outcome of that technical inclination usually demeanour during a nation’s girl sides.

Semifinalists during a final book of a AFF U18 Championships, qualifiers for a U20 FIFA World Cup and champions during a AFF U15 contest hold final month – success is consistent during girl spin and that’s no accident.

The work that is being finished during a grassroots during both academy and bar levels is arguably improved than anything in a segment and a republic continues to spin out unusually means technicians and that – and that alone – is a barometer of postulated success.

Results might come and go, tournaments might be won or lost, nonetheless postulated success will usually ever arrive from a scold given of a girl garden.

Vietnam, for a immeasurable infancy of this SEA Games, were almost improved both technically and tactically than any other republic nonetheless in a organisation fraudulent to see one ‘big’ republic destroy were let down by bad officiating and their possess tired during a finish of an strenuous week and a half.

That matters tiny in assessing a ‘best’ republic during this tournament, not that you’ll hear it from so many ‘experts’ who are fixated quite on short-term success and formula regardless of how they were garnered.


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