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Team Baiq Nuril delivers amnesty petition to government

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The advocacy team of Baiq Nuril, an administrative employee of a senior high school, has delivered a petition to the Office of Presidential Staff (KSP) asking it to consider granting her amnesty, Thursday morning.
“We submit the second petition, for the first one has been done. Thanks to the government for the good news. We hope our president Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will consider the petition as soon as possible,” said the “Save Baiq Nuril” advocacy team from Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR) Erasmus Napitupulu at the KSP Jakarta Thursday.

The idea of submitting the petition to KSP came up because they believed that Jokowi was expecting the consideration of granting amnesty sooner.

“We have finished our work at the criminal justice system because Mr President Jokowi did not intervene at all. Now, this is completely his authority as head of state for giving Ms. Nuril amnesty,” he said.

The case of Baiq Nuril occurred in August 2014. It began when the principal of senior high school “SMAN 7” Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) often called Nuril and spoke about his sexual experiences with other women. Nuril, who worked as an administrative staff at the high school, felt uncomfortable with it. Hence, she recorded it on purpose to prove that she had no affair with him and to serve as evidence while reporting the matter to the law enforcement apparatus.

The mobile phone used to record it was damaged, and therefore, she asked her brother-in-law known as LAR to fix it. However, she did not know that the recording had been leaked to others.

Instead, she was reported by her superior for circulating the conversations recorded.

In a court hearing on July 26, 2017, the panel of judges from Mataram District Court (PN) found Nuril not guilty of defamation as the Public Prosecutor alleged.

Thereafter, the Public Prosecutor filed an appeal against the verdict before the Supreme Court (MA). Subsequently, in September 2018, MA found Nuril guilty.

Nuril filed a legal review remedy on her case to MA, but MA rejected her request on the case violating the ITE Law by sharing details of a recorded indecent conversation. 


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