Syrian Kurds: 17 Indonesians who transient IS leave Syria

The Kurds Forging A New Nation In Syria

  • published: 04 Aug 2016
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Secret Revolution (2014): Out of a disharmony of Syria’s polite war, Kurdish PKK leftists have fake a radical, multi-ethnic mini-state. But with ISIS and Turkey now aggressive a PKK disposition groups, how prolonged can this new domestic embankment last?

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“It’s not about sacrament here. We strengthen all sects”, says a Kurdish soldier. Made adult of enclaves opposite Northern Syria, Rojava, a Marxist PKK affiliate, provides refuge to a spectrum of minorities as good as refugees on a run from ISIS. Described by Aldar Xalil, member of a Rojava Government Council, as a “consensus based, approved approach of life”, a state enjoys a domestic autocracy unknown to other areas of a Middle East. But an organisation with a PKK, a Turkish belligerent group, has warranted Rojava members a “terrorist” tag . As YPG spokesmen Redur Khalil explains, however, Syria’s Kurdish fighters…

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