Suharto Museum Celebrates a Dictator’s Life, Omitting a Dark Chapters

Indonesia – Reactions to Suharto’s resignation

  • published: 21 Jul 2015
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Students occupying a Indonesian council erupted in shouts of “Freedom during last” Thursday (21/5) amid furious exultation as they distinguished a finish of Suharto’s 32-year rule.
Many, however, called for continued protests, observant they could not accept Suharto dependent and clamp boss Bacchruddin Habibie who took a promise of bureau immediately after Suahrto
stood down. In a meantime, a successful Muslim personality Amien Rais announced his support for a new leader, Habibie, who he described as a male who could discern between good and evil.



WS students examination proclamation on television,
CU students examination proclamation on television,
MS students clapping,
VS Students celebrating outside;
VS jubliant students celebrating outward Parliament buildings;
MS students hugging police,
VS students dancing in fountain;
VS family examination proclamation during home,
MS lady claps ZOOM into television,
PULLOUT to uncover family examination and clapping;
VS students dancing and celebrating during parliament;
VOXPOPS women students “We are unequivocally happy, really happy that Suharto will go “;
VOXPOP tyro observant he does not like Habibie ” We wish to have Suharto and all a people from Suharto’s side to step down”;
VS students celebrating;
VS Muslim Leader Amien Rais press conference;
SOT Amien Rais (in English) “I consider as an egghead he is cordial to heed between good and immorality between a interests and a people’s interests. And we consider he will be surrounded by good people who also trust in democracy.”
CA audien…

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