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Strong criticism to Malaysia needed: Mahfud MD

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia needs to send clever criticism to Malaysia opposite a occurrence in that Malaysia has printed a Indonesian inhabitant dwindle upside down in a SEA Games 2017 anxiety book, former inherent arch probity Mahfud MD pronounced here Monday.

“As a citizen a box contingency be followed adult with a tactful note containing clever criticism as it was not a light matter. That is a state pitch that competence not be done fun of. There is a law that regulates state symbols. If that happened in a nation a punishment could be severe. That is since we contingency send a protest,” he said.

He pronounced a box had done people indignant and to be annoyed since Malaysia had shown trouble to concede it to happen.

That is since people have had guess that Malaysia competence have acted deliberately with courtesy to several upsetting incidents that have happened so far, he said.

“So it is distinct that some of us suspected that it was a counsel act and that is since a supervision contingency be organisation in tie with it. We contingency revoke formalities. There contingency be a matter to criticism it, a tactful note. we consider that was unequivocally an unsuited act,” he said.

The organizing cabinet of Malaysia SEA Games 2017 has printed a anxiety book in that a design of a Indonesian dwindle was printed upside down. The mistake was detected by Indonesian sports apportion Imam Nahrawi and a Indonesian commission attending a opening of a sports eventuality on Saturday (Aug 19).

Malaysian sports apportion Khairy Jamaluddin after charity an reparation for a mistake to Imam Nahrawi. He also charity an reparation to Indonesia and a people and pronounced that a Malaysian unfamiliar apportion designed to strictly offer an reparation to a Indonesian government.

Jamaluddin pronounced he had systematic a cabinet to stop distributing a book and corrected it before reprinting it for placement to guests.

Malaysian unfamiliar apportion Sri Anifah has charity an reparation to a Indonesian state and people when communicating with Indonesian unfamiliar apportion Retno LP Marsudi besides producing a recover charity an reparation to Indonesia and a people.(*)

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