Stokes dynamic to flog on in Test cricket


England’s allrounder Ben Stokes is dynamic to flog on and urge himself as a cricketer after picking adult a male of a compare endowment opposite South Africa in a third Test during a Oval on Monday.

Stokes struck 112 and 31 with a bat and also took 3 wickets in a diversion as England kick a Proteas by 239 runs to go two-one adult array with one compare to play, starting during Old Trafford on Friday.

The Durham actor says he is creation an bid to get improved in each aspect of a game, even his fielding.

Stokes pronounced after a Oval Test: “I am always looking to urge in each singular area.

“Always perplexing to be never happy where we am at, never like to feel like we am gentle and always perplexing to exam myself.

“That means perplexing to consider of opposite ways to make certain sessions harder, even in a field.

“I am in a slips throwing now, so only operative on certain ways to make use not elementary – always perplexing to put obstacles in front of me to make it harder, opposite forms of batting practice, bowling practice, whatever it is.

“Just creation all a small bit harder so that when it comes to a diversion it can feel a small easier.”


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