Vandoorne focuses on positives for McLaren


Stoffel Vandoorne was gratified he was means to blow divided a few cobwebs notwithstanding McLaren using into some-more contrast difficulty in Barcelona.

McLaren were disrupted for a second day with some-more Honda engine anguish that singular a visitor to only 40 laps after Fernando Alonso’s ephemeral day on Monday.

While it stilll stays misleading as to because McLaren had to fit a second energy section for a second day running, Vandoorne was beholden that he was means to get some miles on house and is anticipating Days Three and Four are many some-more productive.

“I consider it was certain to get behind behind a circle after 4 months with no driving. It was a good initial feeling from me,” Vandoorne said.

“Immediately we felt assured with a automobile and really comfortable. That’s a initial really certain sign.

“When we have a new automobile and new regulations and we feel assured immediately, afterwards it’s a good start.

“Unfortunately we had a detriment of engine energy during a morning. We’re still questioning what a issues accurately are. It’s a contrition we couldn’t do some-more laps. It would have been good to put in some-more laps.

“Hopefully overnight we can analyse what went wrong and come adult with a arguable automobile tomorrow we think.

“This is my initial day of testing. Fernando didn’t get many laps yesterday. Tomorrow and a day after are going critical days for us, so we’re going to try and make a many of each conditions and each path we get on lane I’ll try to make a many of it.

“I’ll try to give as many feedback as probable and for myself as well.

“It’s going to be my initial deteriorate in Formula 1, so each path we can get, we need, and it’s a profitable knowledge for me. We’d have hoped to do some-more laps though we’ll work tough as a group overnight and wish tomorrow we come behind stronger.”

Vandoorne was pushed again for an reason as to because they spent so many time in a garage again, though he settled that an review is still going on.

“At a impulse we don’t know what a accurate problem was,” he added.

“As we said, we mislaid some energy during a morning, so we motionless to change engines. we consider tonight we’ll analyse what accurately what went wrong, and afterwards we’ll substantially give we an answer about it.”

Alonso is due behind in a MCL32 on Wednesday for Day Three of testing.

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