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Nicklaus blames a round for delayed play

  • February 22, 2018

Golf fable Jack Nicklaus believes complicated record has taken a golf turn too far, heading to delayed play on ever-lengthening courses.

The competition is underneath vigour to keep with a times and players holding 5 hours to finish a turn is not ideal. Modern golf balls and drivers have lead to players reaching absurd distances off a tee. 

Currently, there are 65 players that normal over 300 yards off a tee on a PGA Tour, that is scarcely a third of all Tour players. 

“There’s 3 things we have in a diversion of golf that unequivocally causes it to be delayed and take longer: And that’s a golf ball, though a golf ball…it’s a length a golf course, a time that we play,” a 18-time vital leader told ASAP Sports. 

“The volume of income it costs is a really large wreckage to a diversion since if we have some-more land and some-more fertilizer, some-more water, it costs some-more money. It costs some-more to play a game, and a diversion is flattering difficult.

“The man with a golf turn is going longer than a normal golfer. They don’t find half their golf balls. When we was flourishing up, a best actor during a bar is a one who kept it down a middle, bumped it adult around a immature and he’s a man winning a bar championships, and they are personification in about 3 hours and 3 hours and 10 minutes.

“So if a golf turn came back, it would solve we consider a lot of those issues, and it would make…it would.”

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