Kyvat: Progress to be done during Toro Rosso


Daniil Kvyat is anticipating he can shelve adult copiousness some-more laps in a STR12 as there is “still a lot to discover” before a initial exam comes to a close.

Kvyat took to a circle for a initial time this deteriorate on Tuesday and finished P6 after completing dual laps some-more than a Grand Prix competition distance.

“It was utterly a good day, a initial time with a new car,” pronounced Kvyat.

“Obviously [there’s] lots to discover, we ticked some boxes, though [there’s] still a lot to discover, there’s some swell to be finished in terms of how fast we can spin things around and go [back] on lane again and make some-more laps.

“So we need to start doing some-more laps though we consider in terms of initial integrate of days, we consider we’ve finished a decent volume [of running].”

A tighten eye is being kept on a new Renault energy section after some early teething problems, though Kvyat believes is still too early to make any decisive statements.

“So distant it’s not too bad, a bit tough to review during a moment,” he added.

“I consider everybody is using a bit opposite set-ups on a engine so we don’t know accurately what everybody else is [doing].

“It seems okay, [we] have been running, it seems good for now, though [we] shortly will concentration on opening and that’s when we need to see a step from Renault.”


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