Klopp: We contingency be irritating Chelsea


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on Saturday pronounced that throwing Premier League leaders Chelsea will be hard, yet that violence Manchester City on New Year’s Eve was a ideal finish to a year.

Klopp was vocalization after Georginio Wijnaldum’s early header saw a Reds better Pep Guardiola’s side, withdrawal Liverpool usually 6 points behind Chelsea.

”Chelsea are unbelievably strong, yet can we suppose how irritating it contingency be to win 13 games in a quarrel and find there is still a group usually 6 points behind?” pronounced Klopp.

“Maybe we will have to win 14 games in a row. No one unequivocally thinks we can do it, yet for me to kick City was a ideal approach to finish a year,” he added.

“We knew we had to win, since we knew a progressing results. we usually had to demeanour during a guys’ faces to know Chelsea had won, yet now we have won 4 in a quarrel and we have to keep it going.”

We are in a segment of a list where we wish to be, we have to keep winning a games and see where that takes us.”

Speaking about a game, Klopp pronounced he pronounced that Liverpool were not as stoical as he would have liked.

“We were not utterly as good in possession as we should have been,” he said. “We shielded unequivocally good yet we were not as assured with a ball. we consider we deserved a win, though. City are a unequivocally good side and we had to stay compact.”

The win means Liverpool have now done their best start to a Premier League season, their sum of 43 points their top ever during a median stage.


Article source: http://www.foxsportsasia.com/news/klopp-we-must-be-annoying-chelsea