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Klopp backs goal-shy Sturridge

  • October 22, 2016


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has corroborated striker Daniel Sturridge to rediscover his scoring touch, observant a player’s stream idea drought can make him a improved player.


The 27-year-old has done a pale start to a 2016/17 English Premier League campaign, carrying unsuccessful to find a behind of a net in 7 appearances.

In fact, a England international’s final joining idea came opposite Newcastle United behind in April, definition he has now played 616 mins of Premier League football though adding to his Liverpool tally.

However, Klopp is not overly endangered by Sturridge’s miss of goals this season, indicating to a fact that a likes of Bayern hitman Robert Lewandowski and German fable Gerd Muller also had empty spells in front of goal.

“This impulse is a good impulse for Dan. It is not easy. Most of his time in his life, football has been so easy since he is so skilled,” Klopp said.

“The right moment, easy goal, elementary goal. Every actor struggles with this or this. Little problem here, small problem there.

“We had a diversion opposite Manchester United and, yes, it was not easy for him. We didn’t play well, he didn’t play with 100 per cent confidence.

“And we consider it is a really useful impulse in his career. A large name: [Robert] Lewandowski. There were times when he didn’t score.

“Gerd Muller. There were games he didn’t score. we still can’t trust it. You demeanour behind on his career and he scored 600 times though there were moments when he didn’t score.”


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