Hamilton has a ‘different viewpoint’ to Rosberg


Although Lewis Hamilton respects Nico Rosberg’s preference to keep though fortifying his World title, he says that is something he would never do.


Last week, days after winning a lass F1 World title, Rosberg repelled a Formula 1 companionship when he announced that he was timid from a sport.

The German explained that he was not peaceful to give a joining indispensable to competition another deteriorate with a same power that was compulsory to win this year’s Drivers’ title.

But while Hamilton supports his team-mate’s decision, he says a suspicion of quitting instead of fortifying a pretension would never enter his mind.

“It’s a contrition that he’s not around to quarrel to take it back,” Autosport quotes a Brit as carrying said.

“That’s his choice and we honour his decision. Go out on tip while we can.

“I have a opposite viewpoint. we won a championship a past dual years and we gave an event any year to have another shot during it for someone.

“That’s how we am. we consistently trust in my ability and what we can do any year so even if we was to win again, many expected we would give another opportunity.

“I adore racing and we adore going out there and being challenged by opposite competitors.

“We’ve been racing for 18 years so it’s not a misfortune unfolding for me.”

The triple World Champion also overwhelmed on his attribute with Rosberg, that in a past has been diligent with tragedy as a team-mates battled during a pointy ened of a grid.

“This year has substantially been a best,” he said.

“We kept to ourselves and did a jobs. Apart from [clashes in] Austria and Barcelona, we’ve not had any genuine issues.

“It’s been straightforward. We will substantially frequency see any other relocating forwards, vital in a same building we frequency ever see any other.

“We frequency pass any other, so we don’t see most changing, solely he’ll be on holiday more.

“I don’t know what he skeleton on doing though maybe he’ll be around more.”


Article source: http://www.foxsportsasia.com/news/hamilton-has-a-different-viewpoint-to-rosberg