F1 teams determine to in-season Bahrain test


The Formula 1 teams have concluded that pre-season contrast will take place during a Barcelona circuit while Bahrain will horde a initial in-season outing.


There has been some plead over a past few weeks about hosting one of a pre-season tests during a Sakhir circuit in Bahrain.

Pirelli were in foster as they wanted comfortable continue as a teams blending to a new wider tyres that will be used in 2017.

However, not all a teams were in favour.

This has led to a concede whereby pre-season contrast will take place in Spain though Bahrain will horde a initial in-season test.

“We had a assembly progressing with Bernie, a common of all a teams to plead winter testing,” suggested Red Bull group trainer Christian Horner.

“Indeed there was also a opinion with a FIA progressing in a week. 

“And a approach that a regulations are now written, to exam outward of Europe would need a unanimous agree of all of a teams and that doesn’t exist so it’s concluded that we will exam in Barcelona pre-season. 

“And that in sequence to hopefully find a concede for aiding Pirelli, after a Bahrain exam during a Bahrain raceway, that a initial of a in-season tests is designed to be in Bahrain.”

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Article source: http://www.foxsportsasia.com/news/teams-agree-to-in-season-bahrain-test

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