EFL to use new ABBA chastisement shootout format

The ABBA format is identical to a complement used in tennis tie-breaks, with a singular flog followed by swapping pairs of kicks for any group AB BA AB and so on, instead of a normal AB, AB format, and is already being trialled by UEFA.

It was used for a initial time recently during a women’s U17 European Championships.

The EFL will hearing a new format in a Carabao Cup, a Checkatrade Trophy and a finish of deteriorate graduation play-offs, with a entrance expected to start in a initial turn of a Carabao Cup on on Aug 8-9.

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey pronounced in a statement: “We acquire creation during a EFL and we am gratified to see that a EFL is means to play a partial in an critical growth for football.

“IFAB have identified a speculation that a stream arrangements for chastisement kicks potentially yield an astray advantage to a group holding a initial flog so we are penetrating to see if a new complement has an impact on one of a many discussed issues in football.

“We all wish football matches to be motionless in a satisfactory and unchanging demeanour and we am certain a new complement will supplement an engaging energetic to a end of matches in the competitions if required.”

Article source: http://www.foxsportsasia.com/news/efl-to-use-new-abba-penalty-shootout-format