Spa braced for complicated sleet on competition weekend


Rain is approaching over a march of a Belgian Grand Prix weekend with complicated sleet showers on a radar for Sunday’s race.

It is set to be cloudy for a initial dual use sessions on Friday, with a risk of sleet augmenting for FP3 on Saturday before brightening adult in a afternoon for qualifying.

Sunday’s race, though, is a opposite story, with complicated sleet set to hurl in over a march of a afternoon. Given a immeasurable inlet of a Spa circuit, it would come as no warn to see it sleet in one partial of a lane and be bone dry elsewhere.

A series of changes have been done to a Spa circuit to accomodate a new, faster cars.

The tyre walls have been significantly bolstered during Turns 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, with tube inserts providing additional insurance all around a circuit.

Turns 8 and 9 also have a new wall commissioned instead of a aged guardrail and a kerb has been extended during Turn 15 with a new empty in place.


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