Social media restriction to be final course of action: minister

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Communication and Informatics Minister Rudiantara revealed his ministry was yet undecided over applying social media restriction before and during a trial at the Constitutional Court (MK) on a presidential election dispute on June 14-28.

Social media restriction will be the last resort after taking into account several factors, including the extent to which hoax is spread akin to what had transpired during the May 22 protest, he remarked here on Wednesday.

Based on data collected by the ministry, 600 URLs were daily disseminating hoax or negative content concerning the May 22 rally.

“The content had indeed targeted to incite the public,” Rudiantara pointed out.

The decision to place social media restrictions in May was the result of coordination with other ministries, including the office of the Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs.

In the meantime, Ferdinandus Setu, the ministry’s spokesman, remarked that social media restriction is situational and the final course of action after evaluating the content, extent of dissemination, and quantity.

“It is the last resort. It is situational in character based on the content, dissemination, and quantity,” Setu remarked.

The ministry is currently stepping up monitoring of social media to keep track of a rise in provocative content that could create rifts in the nation similar to what had taken place in May, he stated.

Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs Wiranto remarked that no social media restriction will be applied during the MK trial on June 14-28, 2019.

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