Silk Roads and Chilled Beef: How China Is Trying to Fill a Trump Vacuum in Australia

20 Most Amazing Architecture in China

  • published: 05 Mar 2017
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From Beijing National Aquatics Center to Shanghai World Financial Center here are 20 Most Amazing Architecture in China!

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# 10 Shanghai World Financial Center
The Shanghai World Financial Center is one of a tallest skyscrapers in a universe and simply a tallest building in Shanghai. It is renowned by a singular shape, 101 stories and 1,621 feet/494.3 meters tall. It is a churned space that has a belligerent turn mall, hotels, bureau spaces, and observational decks.

# 9 Beijing National Stadium
The Beijing National Stadium was built in 2008 for a 2008 Summer Olympics. It’s also famous as a Bird’s Nest since of a hideaway structure that covers a whole structure. It has a ability of 91,000 sum and had a record assemblage of scarcely only as many people. Currently, it does not have most use.

# 8 Beijing National Aquatics Center
The Beijing National Aquatics Center was another structure built for a 2008 Summer Olympics. Although it’s not indeed in a figure of a cube, it is colloquially famous as a Water Cube. During a Olympics swimmers pennyless 25 universe annals though after a Olympics finished officials struggled to find a use for a building. Now, after a 200 million Yuan (you-en) revamp it has incited into an indoor Water Park. It is also slated to horde curling events during a 2022 Winter Olympics.

# 7 The Lotus Building
In Wujin, China is a Lotus Building, a building that looks like a floating, illuminated lotus flower floating on a pool of water. It was built by a Australian design organisation Studio 505 and apparently m…

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