Sevilla’s Navas betray video misses a mark


Fancy signing video announcements have turn all a fury on amicable media recently, though Sevilla’s bid for Jesus Navas maybe goes a small too far!

First we had Aston Villa’s humorous Whatsapp discuss to announce a signing of John Terry, afterwards there was Roma’s Lorenzo Pellegrini personification as himself on FIFA.

Football clubs have unequivocally upped a ante when it comes to phenomenon new signings on amicable media.

The Spanish bar were apparently unequivocally happy to re-sign Navas from Manchester City, though a signing video was maybe a bit too thespian for some people’s tastes.

The shave posted on amicable media, shows an unknown actor walking down a travel when he is approached from a behind and bundled into a behind of a automobile before being taken to a Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium where all is revealed.

Some competence contend that like Navas did too mostly during his time during a Etihad, a video unequivocally misses a mark.

But what do we think? Is it too much?

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