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Sea Transportation Director General named crime suspect: KPK

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named Director General of Sea Transportation Antonius Tonny Budiono (ATB) as a think in an purported crime in products and use projects in a directorate ubiquitous of transportation.

“After an initial hearing and questioning, it was resolved that Director General of Sea Transportation Antonious Tonny Budiono had allegedly committed crime in a projects of products and use buying during a Directorate General of Sea Transportation in a 2016-2017 bill year,” KPK Deputy Chairman Basaria Panjaitan told a press discussion during a KPK building in Jakarta on Thursday (August 24).

Begini kronologi OTT Dirjen Perhubungan Laut
KPK Deputy Chairman Basaria Panjaitan

The KPK lifted a standing of a box into review in line with a fixing of dual persons, namely ATB and PT Adhi Guna Keruktama (AGK) Commissioner Adiputra Kurniawan (APK), as suspects in a case.

He remarkable that during a red-handed operation (OTT) on Aug 23 and 24, a KPK confiscated a certain volume of income and involuntary teller appurtenance (ATM) cards.

The anti-graft group confiscated 3 ATM cards of opposite issuer banks, 33 bags containing income in rupiah, US dollar, bruise sterling, euro, and Malaysian ringgit currencies, with a sum value of Rp18.9 billion in cash, and an comment change during Bank Mondiri value Rp1.174 billion.

“Therefore, a sum volume of income found by a KPK in a box is valued during Rp20 billion,” Basaria noted.

He settled that it was suspected that APK has given a income to ATB in tie with a dredging plan of Tanjung Mas Port in Semarang, Central Java.

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