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Several “Crashed UFO’s” Found In Russia?

  • published: 25 Jul 2017
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Specialist researchers in Volgograd, Russia, have detected over a dozen, ancient, disk-shaped objects, that they strongly trust to be a stays of several crashed UFO’s.
Including one object, that is over 4 meters in diameter.
According to experts, these strange, out of place discs, are coated in a thick covering of tungsten.
A high-density steel mostly used in troops technology.
Kosmopoisk, a organisation who done a discoveries, is a notorious, Russian UFO and crypto-zoology investigate group.
They were behaving excavations in a district, in an try to locate these specific different objects.
They believe, nonetheless will not share where this information originated from, that these tungsten disks, are in fact, a ruins of several visitor craft, that crashed in a area during a quote, “event”.
While a researchers have stumbled on these bizarre disc-shaped objects in a past, this is a initial time a front of such proportions has been unearthed.
“We had already found over a dozen of these discs, many of them had a hole of around one meter. At Kuzbass we unearthed a disc-shaped intent with a hole of scarcely dual meters, though this new ‘giant’ front is a singular and considerable find.” A member of a organisation said.
The figure of a four-meter front is intensely identical to that of a modern-day interpretations of UFO’s, and it has clearly given UFO hunters a lot to speak about.
It is, as yet, different what is within these bizarre discs of metal, could there presumably be a stays of visitor pilots?
The fact that they are done with a thick outdoor covering of tungsten is hig…

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