Renault: Palmer could nonetheless save his seat


Jolyon Palmer could nonetheless secure a Renault race-seat for subsequent season, he only needs to start scoring points says handling executive Cyril Abiteboul.

Palmer struggled in his entrance debate in 2016 nonetheless managed to save his expostulate with an softened display in a second half of a season.

This year, though, has been some-more like a initial half of final deteriorate with a Brit nonetheless to get off a mark.

In pointy contrariety his team-mate Nico Hulkenberg has scored 26 points to put Renault eighth in a standings.

This has led to conjecture that Palmer is on a verge of being replaced, possibly during this deteriorate or during a finish of it.

However, Abiteboul is austere that all is not mislaid for a 26-year-old.

“Frankly, if he manages to spin around a situation, that he did final year, we are totally open to a destiny between a group and Jo for one some-more season,” Abiteboul told Autosport.

“Stability would be good for a team. That’s also what we wanted final year – to have Nico changing we wanted not to have to change dual drivers.

“Things could go his [Palmer’s] way, nonetheless during a finish of a day that’s in his hands.

“He knows that right now he’s on a one-year agreement and totally understands a group has to consider a options for a future.”

He added: “We’ve seen unequivocally good things with Jo, both during a winter tests, during a season, during a session.

“He’s able of extracting unequivocally good gait from a car, doing a unequivocally good job, providing accurate feedback, being unequivocally committed to a team.

“At a same time there’s been a brew of mistakes, missed opportunities – clearly not assisted by business with trustworthiness that has been clearly weaker on his side of a garage.

“Very fast what this arrange of brew has combined is, we believe, a skip of certainty – a skip of certainty in himself, a skip of ability to put his conduct down in a problems that will confront any motorist in a competition weekend or in a season.

“And that skip of certainty has started to flog off in a arrange of snowball and has led to a conditions we have now.

“I’m unequivocally perplexing to strengthen Jo and to endorse to Jo roughly on a daily basement my and a team’s joining and full support – in sequence to reconstruct a certainty in himself and in a team.

“It’s not a pursuit of one day.”

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