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Radicalism not indicated by choice of clothing: BNPT

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy for Prevention, Protection and Deradicalization of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Maj. Gen. TNI Hendri P. Lubis strongly believes that radicalism and terrorism could not be indicated by one’s choice of clothing.

“We assess someone not from their physical appearance but the most dangerous is their mindset. Radical in mindset, radical in attitude, and radical in action,” Lubis remarked while addressing 105 teachers in Batam, Riau Island, as quoted in a statement here on late Thursday.

He made the statement to dispel wrong perception among people regarding indications of radicalism and terrorism.

Lubis emphasized that it was a flawed perception to surmise someone as being a terrorist or radical based on his external appearance, such as growing a beard and wearing short trousers among men or women wearing veils, and only simplify the issue.

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He cited the incident of the bombing attack on MH Thamrin Street, Jakarta, in January 2016, where the perpetrator behind the incident had worn jeans, t-shirt, and hat.

Hence, he drew emphasis on the presence of no strong correlation between clothing and an individual’s ideology.

“It means that short trousers, beard, and veils are not signs of terrorists,” he stated.

Head of the Coordination Forum on Terrorism Prevention (FKPT) Reni Yusneli affirmed that the event is aimed at preventing the spread of radicalism and terrorism in schools.

“Teachers play an important role in preventing the spread of radicalism,” Yusneli added. 


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