Purses suggested for Mayweather v McGregor


The Nevada State Athletic Commission suggested how many income Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will make from their rarely expected fighting match.

The NSAC expelled a total late on Friday night in Vegas, indicating that Mayweather will slot no reduction than $100 million while his UFC reflection will take home during slightest $30 million.

“But that’s not that much…” we hear we say. 

Well, these numbers don’t paint a full picture. The large income a fighters are after is in a offered of a pay-per views, with a live embankment income adding a cash-heavy cherry on tip of that. 

The stream PPV record stands during 4.6 million buys, that Mayweather set when he and Filipino Slugger Manny Pacquiao danced around a ring for in 2015. Mayweather warranted a cold $220 million only from a PPV’s for that. 

However, UFC overlord Dana White pronounced final week that a “Money Fight” – as utterly rightly promoted by Showtime – is set to blow that 4.6 million symbol out of a water. It is also a many expensive, costing $99.95 a pop.

So with a regressive guess of 5 or 6 million buys, double by $100 adds adult to an pornographic volume of money…money that a likes of McGregor has never seen before.

The stream UFC lightweight champion suggested in 2016 that he stood to make around $40 million in his subsequent 3 fights in a octagon combined. 

With only one step in a fighting ring, McGregor is going to acquire a kind of income his great-grandchildren will advantage from.


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