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Statistics intro: Mean, median, and mode | Data and statistics | 6th class | Khan Academy

  • published: 16 Nov 2012
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This is a illusory intro to a basis of statistics. Our concentration here is to assistance we know a core concepts of arithmetic mean, median, and mode.

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Grade 6th on Khan Academy: By a 6th grade, you’re apropos a worldly mathemagician. You’ll be means to add, subtract, multiply, and order any non-negative numbers (including decimals and fractions) that any grouchy hobgoblin throws during you. Mind-blowing ideas like exponents (you saw these quickly in a 5th grade), ratios, percents, disastrous numbers, and non-static expressions will start being in your comfort zone. Most importantly, a algebraic side of arithmetic is a whole new kind of fun! And if that is not enough, we are going to continue with a bargain of ideas like a coordinate craft (from 5th grade) and area while commencement to get definition from data! (Content was comparison for this class turn formed on a standard curriculum in a United States.)

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