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President calls on people to use amicable media wisely

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo has called on a open to use amicable media wisely, and refrain from swelling loathing and insulting remarks.

Addressing students during a opening of a inhabitant martial art championship during Minhaajurrosyidiin Islamic boarding school, East Jakarta, Tuesday, he said: “We contingency be clever about posting anything on a amicable media, generally teenagers. Could it be descent to others, or harm others feelings? Will it malign or sully someone?”

President Widodo urged a students to cruise these questions before posting anything online.

Social media, a President noted, has turn a fruitful media for disastrous behaviour, that is not partial of a nations culture, and these tend to incite or sully others, heading to serve hatred.

“I will remind we this. We are brothers of one nation, one country. Dont forget that,” Jokowi asserted.

The President afterwards invited a member to answer a ask by him.

When a member hesitantly walked on to a stage, a President remarked: “Dont be afraid, a President is not a dictator.”

He afterwards suggested how some people had termed him peremptory in a amicable media.

“How can they contend that we am a tyrant with a face like this,” a President quipped, while a students pennyless into peals of laughter.(*)

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