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Serious Hero (2017) Latest South Indian Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vijay | Hansika | Action Movie

  • published: 17 Jul 2017
  • views: 9601135

A immature publisher Bharathi (Genelia D’Souza), along with dual of her friends, examine a array of militant attacks that have taken place in Chennai and also bootleg activities like women trafficking. When they are held video-recording unlawful activities function in a isolated residence one night by a organisation of thugs, they try to rush from them. While Bharathi’s friends are killed, Bharathi manages to shun notwithstanding being stabbed by one of a thugs. But after a conflict on Bharathi and her friends, a thugs’ car explodes due to a tiny fumble when a matchstick falls over petrol packets stored in a vehicle, murdering all a thugs. Bharathi comes adult with a new thought to exterminate society’s evils by formulating and propagating a illusory impression called “Velayudham” who wants to purify adult a city of terrorism and other bootleg activities.

The stage afterwards shifts to a encampment called Pavunoor, where a divert businessman named Velayudham aka Velu (Vijay) is staying with his younger sister Kaveri (Saranya Mohan), whom he loves dearly. There is also his cousin Vaidehi (Hansika Motwani), who is feeling by him and even seduces him by display him her navel. One day, they together leave for Chennai to collect income from a letter account for Kaveri’s marriage. At a Chennai Egmore railway station, Velu’s income is stolen by Speedu (Santhanam), a sparse thief. He pursues Speedu on a motorbike parked during a hire and manages to get behind his money, though moments after ingress from a bike, a bike explodes. The parked bike was meant to safeguard a militant conflict during a railway station,…

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