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  • February 27, 2019

Can’t trust this is JAKARTA | Indonesia Highlights 🇮🇩

  • published: 07 Aug 2018
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We spent 12 hours in Jakarta, a outrageous collateral of Indonesia. Here is all we got adult to. We started off during fav hotel in executive Jakarta, From there, we went to Pasar Baru. This place was unequivocally good and we can find inexpensive Batik, inexpensive cloths here and some other stuffs. It’s a bit swarming routinely from what locals said, though we arrived on Monday night so it was not as swarming as we approaching it to be.

Pasar Baru is one of aged marketplace in Jakarta. People customarily come here to buy clothes, cameras, shoes, and for culinary. There are some dark culinary places here, located in a alley. This long, slight transport is lined with all sorts of fabric stores, tailors and ubiquitous inexpensive wardrobe outlets, along with stalls of a common Asian transport of hit off watches, leather goods, fruit veg. What’s unequivocally lacking is transport food and cafes though it is still extraordinary to transport around and see a culture.

The common indonesian transport food we found in Pasar Baru is Kerak Telor, that is a Betawi normal sharp omelette plate in Indonesian cuisine. It is done from gluey rice baked with egg and served with serundeng, boiled shallots and dusty shrimp as topping. It is deliberate as a break and not as a categorical plate in Indonesia, and really a contingency eat when we come visiting Jakarta.

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