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What it’s Like Working In Japan | “Short” Version

  • published: 09 Mar 2018
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I’ve never worked in Japan. we meant we work in Japan, though we work from my home and have never indispensable Japanese denunciation or workplace skills. But we do know people who have, so we set adult interviews with 8 of them to see what their practice were like. All of them worked in a “real” Japanese workplace, from small, complicated companies to large normal ones. Or in other words, they worked jobs that didn’t engage training English. They indispensable to be proficient in a Japanese denunciation and business culture. All a interviewees pronounce English, have lived outward of Japan for some duration of time, and have university degrees. So these are not your standard Japanese workers, let’s only be ultra transparent on that. But we consider they do assistance give discernment into what it’s like operative in Japan and how it compares to operative in a tellurian or Western workplace.

This is a brief chronicle of a interviews. For a hour prolonged chronicle greatfully check it out during

**CORRECTION: It’s bootleg to not compensate overtime, even for full-time employees. There can be some exceptions for management. So we was wrong in observant that full-time employees don’t typically get paid overtime. Sorry for a screw up.

Special interjection to all those that all a interviewees that let me fusillade them with questions.

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Interviewees that are on YouTube:
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