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Some Like It Hot, though Heat Can Be Fatal

  • April 13, 2017

Some Like It Hot – “Most of a time, we SLAP IT!

  • published: 10 Jan 2013
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Just a moment, skip –
May I?

Help yourself.

we am Osgood Fielding a Third.

we am Cinderella a Second.

If there is one thing we admire, it’s a girl
with a comely ankle.

Me too. Bye now.

Let me lift one of a instruments.

Thank you.

Aren’t we a sweetheart?

It positively is pleasant to have
some immature blood around here.

Personally, I’m Type O.

You know, I’ve always been
preoccupied by uncover business.

You don’t say.

Yes, indeed. It’s cost my family quite
a bit of money.

You deposit in shows?

No – it’s showgirls. I’ve been
married 7 or 8 times.

You’re not sure?

Mama is gripping score. Frankly, she’s
removing rather angry with me

I’m not surprised.

So this year, when George White’s
Scandals opened, she packaged me off to
Florida. Right now she thinks I’m
out there on my yacht – deep-sea fishing.

Well, lift in your reel, Mr. Fielding.
You’re barking adult a wrong fish.

If we guarantee not to be a disobedient child –
how about cooking tonight?

Sorry. I’ll be on a bandstand.

Oh, of course. that of these instruments
do we play?


Fascinating. Do we use a crawl or
do we only bravery it?

Most of a time we slap it.

You contingency be utterly a girl.

Wanna bet?

My final mother was an acrobatic dancer –
we know, arrange of a contortionist –
she could fume a cigarette while
holding it between her toes – Zowie! –
though Mama pennyless it up.


She doesn’t approve of girls who smoke.

Goodbye, Mr. Fielding.


This is where we get off.

Oh, we don’t get off that easy.

All right, driver. Once ar…

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