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Reproductive System, partial 4 – Pregnancy Development: Crash Course AP #43

  • published: 23 Nov 2015
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We’ve reached a grand culmination of a 4 partial array on tellurian reproduction: BABIES! Today Hank walks we by a stages of pregnancy, commencement with how a zygote develops into blastomeres to a morula to a blastocyst and finally to an bud and a fetus. He also explains some of a extraordinary anatomical changes that take place in a mother, and a hormonal method of events that lead to labor.

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Table of Contents
Stages of Pregnancy 1:23
Zygote — Blastomere 1:34
Morula — Blastocyst 2:12
Embryo — Fetus 5:07
Anatomical Changes 5:30
Hormonal Sequences Leading to Labor 7:12


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