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Jokowi urges Papuans to sojourn confident over 2020 National Games

  • April 01, 2019

Expedition around furious Papua and other islands

  • published: 21 Dec 2015
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In this video I’ll speak about a speed to a furious tribes of Papua New Guinea where people still live like in a Stone Age (from 6:25), about intolerable rites on a Sulawesi island (from 2:10) , about a world-famous volcano Krakatau (from 0:10), and a inhabitants of a South Pacific Ocean (from 4:50).

Hi! My Name is Dimitriy Kondatiev. I’m smooth in Indonesian and I’ve spent some-more than 1,5 years in this poetic country.
Please write me your emails 😉

Our tour began with Krakatau, that blast was a many absolute in a story of complicated mankind.
The blast was so absolute that it was listened by a third partial of a world’s population. A startle call went around a earth about 7 times.120 km from here, in a collateral city Jakarta, all a windows and doors were blown out and a tile was blown off roofs.
Also, we went to a Sulawesi island to revisit Toraja people. They trust that their ancestors came down to Earth from a heavens of a visionary universe Puja.
There is still a standing complement in this society. A distinguished thing is that a male is judged here not by a approach he lead a life, though by a approach a wake rite for him was carried out.  
In sequence a essence of a defunct goes behind into a universe of ancestors, it’s required to arrange correct wake ceremonies with a special massacre of a protocol buffalo.
But a thing is that a cost of a buffalo can strech 60 …

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