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What Every US State Is Best and Worst At

  • published: 12 Sep 2018
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What US state is a best? People speak about a United States a lot. It’s a vital universe personality with a largest economy on a universe and a top immigration rate in a world. It contingency be a good place to live, though like any country, it’s not a best during everything. We’re gonna demeanour during what any state in a US is a best and misfortune at!

New England 1:15
The Mid-Atlantic segment 3:01
The South 4:31
Florida 6:06
The Midwest 8:24
Konsas 9:08
The Southwestern segment 11:41
New Mexico 12:40
The westernmost segment 13:00

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– Maine is a many respectful state, with a lowest rate of aroused crime in a whole country.
– Vermont is a best during gender equivalence when it comes to practice and income rates.
– Connecticut’s residents have a cleanest teeth! Statistically speaking, they’re a many obliged about visiting a dentist regularly.
– New York not usually has a many densely populated city in America, it’s also a homestate of a many presidents (7) and clamp presidents (11).
– New Jersey, notwithstanding being a boundary of so many jokes, has a lowest self-murder rate in a country.
– Maryland has a best domicile income rates in a nation during an normal of $80,000 per year.
– Virginia has a lowest asthma rate in a US. That contingency meant they have a cleanest air, right? Wrong!
– West Virginia is a many equal state per education, race, and income level. However, usually 19% of a race goes on to get a college degree.
– Florida: good for vacationing, not so …

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