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Inside a Life-and-Death Hunts of a Mysterious Tribe of Hunter-Gatherers

  • January 06, 2019

Clark – Death Peak London Session

  • published: 27 Apr 2017
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Clark behaving song from his new manuscript on Warp Records, ‘Death Peak’, including marks ‘Peak Magnetic’ and ‘Hoova’, alongside improvisations and low-pitched counterpoints to a star of a album.

‘Death Peak’ is accessible now on Vinyl, CD, Digital and to Stream:
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”I wanted to pattern a low-pitched space where we could playback and remix my favourite manuscript tracks, and also emanate some off a slap improvisations that we feel are an enhancing and flirtatious low-pitched counterpoint to a star of Death Peak.

Going behind to a element has done me collect detached some of a sequences and done realize what we value many in music.
I tend to evade a pointlessly perplexing in foster of a impressionistic, a visceral. we wish to extend a range of what’s probable in song though not remove steer of a complex, romantic story revelation during a heart of it, for me it’s these things that give song a prolonged lifespan, we keep entrance behind to annals that lift we in on a turn that bypasses receptive analysis. we give priority to a many child-like, pristine and flexible low-pitched phrases we come adult with, and tend to poke fun during myself when we get all dry and technical.

Death Peak is a riddle of these many pristine and wholesome moments, precipitated into an fast and continual low-pitched wheel. we feel we unequivocally sealed a round on this one. But afterwards we would contend that. All we can contend is that we desired creation it. Hope we suffer it too.”
– Chris Clark


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