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  • April 13, 2017

Giant Python Snake Eating Man | Python Attacks Human Caught on Tape | Giant Snake Eat Humans

  • published: 28 Mar 2017
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Python Snake Eating Human Caught on Tape – Giant Python Eat Humans – Snake Attacks Video :

Giant Python Caught Eating Humans in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Giant pythons prey on smallholders Akbar (25) during the middle of the palm oil harvest.
The death toll was swallowed by the beast known pythons (Pythonidae) or a boa or reticulated python that.
“The results of the scattered palm harvest, this probably attacked from behind again,” said the resident of Central Mamuju, Satriawan to, Tuesday (28/03/2017).

Akbar’s body was found intact in the stomach of the snake that captured people in the palm grove victim, Salubiro Village, District Korossa, Central Mamuju district, West Sulawesi, on Monday (27/03/2017).
Snake preys start Akbar head to toe.

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Q : Can a python eat a human?

A : Although it is rare, there have been documented cases of pythons eating humans. The victims are typically children or otherwise small in stature, as the broad shoulders of adults are too large for most pythons to swallow. CONTINUE READING @

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