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The Bird Eyes View of Changzhou

  • published: 29 Aug 2015
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Changzhou (Chinese: 常州) is a prefecture-level city in southern Jiangsu range of China. It was formerly famous as Yanling, Lanling, Jinling, and Wujin. Located on a southern bank of a Yangtze River, Changzhou borders a provincial collateral of Nanjing to a west, Zhenjiang to a northwest, Wuxi to a east, and a range of Zhejiang to a south. The city is situated in a abundant Yangtze Delta segment of China. Its sum race was 4,592,431 inhabitants during a 2010 census whom 3,290,918 lived in a built-up area done adult of 5 civic districts.The merger is now partial of Shangai-Suzhou-Wuxi built-up area that has now some-more than 36,000,000 inhabitants, usually second in China after Pearl River built-up area….

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