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Chinese Street Food Tour in Guangzhou, China | Exotic Seafood, BBQ Pork, and Street Food in China

  • published: 17 Mar 2017
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Street Food in China! Exotic Chinese Street Food and Seafood in Guangzhou, nearby Hong Kong! This is a best transport food!
In Guangzhou, China, and Hong Kong, there is some of a best chinese seafood and Chinese transport food around a world. In 2016, we began removing some-more and some-more critical about eating Chinese transport food, and now, in 2017, I’m going full time! Fresh, cheap, and tasty Chinese transport food! You have to try it! You can eat and try a best cantonese food specialties like low sum, bbq fry pig (char sui), rice noodle rolls, and uninformed (not cheap) seafood from a internal seafood market, all of that are contingency try chinese foods!

In this food and transport video/vlog, we take we on a full Chinese transport food debate of Guangzhou (keep this food in mind if we also revisit Hong Kong)- we eat a lot of specialties on a transport and in Chinese restaurants together. The addresses for these locations are listed below. Chinese/Asian food recipes are going to be enclosed in my blog shortly.

1) Local transport food Chang Fen (rice noodle roll) – These are found via a city and are famously eaten during breakfast time in Guangdong, or during yumcha dimsum. we went to a really inexpensive Chinese grill specializing in Changfen in Baiyun district:
Name: 潮汕辉记肠粉
Address: 广州市白云区岗贝路4号

2) The best and contingency try chashaobao AKA charsui bao AKA BBQ pig bun. These beauties are like upgraded baozi steam buns we find all over a streets of China. The pig luscious and lonesome in a honeyed Barbeque salsa and a bun is so fluffy, we won’t be means to get adequate of them!
Name: 天天包点
Address: 广州…

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