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Experts Urge Southeast Asian Leaders to Gauge Threat from Regional, Returning IS Supporters

  • November 26, 2016

5 Things About Southeast Asia You (Probably) Didn’t Know

  • published: 22 Apr 2015
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The geo-political segment famous as Southeast Asia is home to during slightest 620 million people (2013 estimate) in 11 eccentric nation-states. It is a different segment of different people who pronounce during slightest 1,253 vital languages. A segment with a story full of complexities and intersectionalities.
I know that within a context of U.S. secular politics a Southeast Asian temperament is used in anxiety to a communities influenced by a Vietnam War a.k.a. people from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. we also RESPECT that within certain context and spaces “Southeast Asian” usually refers to a Southeast Asian Refugee communities. But in a broader context of a universe and of a segment itself, a clarification of Southeast Asian should not be singular to only these 3 countries alone. Because in doing so we are ignoring a 590+ million people who live and who are from a other 8 countries of Southeast Asia.
So when certain people tell me that as Filipino we am unequivocally NOT Southeast Asian. Dude, we are scornful me, we are denying me a partial of my identity. You are ignoring a intersectionalities of a people, a interconnectedness of a histories, and a common alertness of a segment and a people that spans during slightest 2,000 adult to 5,000 years.
When we brand myself as a Southeast Asian we am not doing it to take divided your identity, we am simply noticing a poignant partial of my possess identity, my roots, my birthright and a story of my people, a different people who are also inland to Southeast Asia.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T is not a one approach street.
Double check yourself before …

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