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East Timorese opinion in second choosing in reduction than a year

  • May 12, 2018

Bill Koenig: The Middle East Players

  • published: 09 May 2018
  • views: 630

There’s a informed feeling of dismay swelling opposite a Middle East. The drums of fight are beating, with some new players fasten a demoniac impetus to clean out Israel and take over God’s holy city, Jerusalem. Arafat, Hafez al-Assad, King Hussein and Saddam Hussein are prolonged gone, Now, it’s Putin, Erdogan, al-Assad, Rouhani, Abdullah, Netanyahu and President Trump, fighting for position on a universe stage. How do all of these universe leaders fit into Biblical anticipation and what’s subsequent on a auspicious calendar? No one understands a formidable Middle East cauldron like newsmaker Bill Koenig from Koenig’s International News. Follow Gary and Bill as they inspect a prophecies of a Bible and try to expose God’s subsequent large move!


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