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Draft law for new, renewable appetite should be prioritized: lawmaker

  • February 01, 2019

2019 NFL Mock Draft | Post Senior Bowl! Complete 1st Round | Kyler Murray Goes Where?!

  • published: 29 Jan 2019
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2019 NFL Mock Draft | Post Senior Bowl! Complete 1st Round

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THE Madden Rebuild King. Rebuild God. Lord Bengal King of a Franchise Rebuild. JK all for fun :). Franchise Rebuilds on Madden are only a bees knees and a cats pajamas.

Seriously though, either it’s enrage 19 rebuilds, enrage 19 rebuilding, enrage 19 picturesque rebuilds or enrage picturesque rebuilding of any team, we am painfully normal

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Outro Song: Envoi – Raising The Bar

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