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Deadly Uprising by ISIS Followers Shakes Indonesia’s Prison System

  • May 10, 2018

What happens after ISIS falls?

  • published: 02 Aug 2017
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Three ways ISIS will sojourn a hazard after defeat.

Correction: At 0:18, a prior chronicle of a video incorrectly suggested that Turkey-backed army are fighting ISIS in a west. In fact, a Russia-backed Syrian army and a allies are fighting ISIS in a north and west. The blunder has been rectified.

We also wish to explain that a tone coded lines that seemed in a prior chronicle during 0:18 did not prove a limit or a frontline. The lines were meant to illustrate that ISIS was underneath conflict on all sides. That prominence has now been private to equivocate any confusion.

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It was also a mystic loss, Mosul is where a organisation announced a caliphate, or Islamic territory, in 2014. This set them detached from other militant organizations. They weren’t only a network of jihadists strung out opposite several countries, like al-Qaeda, they governed over tangible territory, that they called a Islamic State.
Now with a detriment of Mosul, a tumble of a ISIS caliphate seems imminent, though what happens when ISIS is gone?

Now this doesn’t meant ISIS will be gone. In fact, a tumble of ISIS raises some difficult issues. So we asked a Foreign group to explain what could occur after ISIS is degraded . is a news website that helps we cut by a sound and know what’s unequivocally pushing a events in a headlines. Check out to get adult to speed on all from Kurdistan to a Kim Kardashian app.

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