6.1-magnitude upheaval hits off eastern Indonesia: USGS

Street Food in Lombok – BEST GRILLED CHICKEN in a WORLD!! Mataram, Indonesia!

  • published: 15 Nov 2017
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For me, ayam taliwang in Lombok is a best grilled duck in a universe so far!
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One of a categorical reasons we wanted to transport to a island of Lombok in Indonesia is to eat a strange ayam taliwang, a character of sharp grilled duck that truly is a best grilled duck I’ve ever tasted anywhere in a world.

In this Mataram, Lombok food tour, we eat during some of a best and many mythological travel food stalls in Mataram, Lombok!

RM. Bebalung Kelebet – For breakfast we couldn’t wait to try a plate called bebalung, a beef ribs dish. You have to arrive during this place in a morning or they will sell out, and a beef ribs are unusual with sambal and rice.
Price – 68,000 IDR ($5.02) for 2

Islamic Center Mosque – After a beef ribs breakfast feast, we walked over to have a discerning debate of a biggest mosque in Mataram.

Rumah Makan Sukaraja – For initial lunch, we headed to a grill famous for their Lombok character nasi campur, where we can select a reduction of opposite dishes all over your rice. It was excellent.
Price – 90,000 IDR ($6.65) for 2

Pasar Kebon Roek
Pantai Ampenan

Warung Sate Rembiga Utama – For lunch series two, and one of a contingency eat Indonesian dishes to try when you’re in Lombok is slake rembiga. The slake is a small sweet, though sharp during a same time, and we would try to contend they are some of a many addictive slake I’ve ever had anywhere.
Total cost – 89,000 IDR ($6.57)

Taliwang Khas Pak Udin – Finally on to ayam taliwang, and we systematic s…

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