1,151 hurtful polite servants discharged

Anti-corruption criticism to titillate govt to exterminate corruption

  • published: 23 Jul 2015
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(9 Dec 2009) SHOTLIST
1. Wide of criticism outward National Monument
2. Wide of theatre with protesters station in front holding flags
3. Protester singing on stage
4. Protesters sitting on ground
5. Various of protesters putting red paint on their faces and bodies
6. Reverse shot of military officers
7. Tilt adult from boots to military officers
8. Close of ensign with design of Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, reading English) “Wanted”
9. Protester holding banners
10. SOUNDBITE (Indonesian) Tharid Mahmud, Protester:
“Indonesia will never pullulate as prolonged as crime exists. We wish to sanction a laws to concede genocide chastisement for corrupters. That is what they deserve.”
11. Wide of criticism outward presidential palace
12. Mid of protesters holding flags
More than dual dozen rallies were designed opposite Indonesia on Wednesday to symbol International Anti-Corruption Day.
The rallies – annual events in this Muslim-dominated republic – were designed in a collateral Jakarta and several other cities.
At one, in Makassar, a South Sulawesi provincial capital, a thousand miles (1,600 kilometres) from Jakarta, students pelted military with rocks, who returned glow with rip gas.
Some buildings were also vandalised and rip gas was dismissed when students attempted to charge a provincial governor’s office, MetroTV reported.
The protesters were perfectionist supervision movement to finish crime among politicians, military and other open officials.
In Jakarta, a dozen rallies caused downtown trade disharmony in this city of 13 (m) million.

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2019/01/29/1151_corrupt_civil_servants_discharged/