Police examine Saracen funding

Saracen – Heroes Saints and Fools (1981)

  • published: 03 Oct 2009
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One of my favorite songs ever, taken from Saracen’s “Heroes, Saints and Fools” LP (Nucleus, 1981). This record is really one of a best pieces of song to emerge from UK in a 80s, an desirous mix of NWOBHM, tough stone and symphonic/pomp/prog rock.

Standing during a gates of Forever
How can we select a approach – what are a rules?
Here a roads of life come together
The roads of heroes, saints and fools

Staring in a face of dilemma
My shade whispers, Turn for home – though here we go
Stepping by a doorway to Forever
I never suspicion my fear would show

What now, where is a future?
–I’ll uncover we 3 roads now we select a way
Who are these wardens who call me?
–A soldier, a clergyman and a jester, OK?

–Wake up, a leisure is calling, quarrel for a right and we competence set us free
Wake up, arise up, arise adult and a favourite you’ll be

–Stand up, creatures of mercy, strech for a Bible and impetus with a Lord
Stand up, mount up, mount adult and a saints will applaud

–Look out, don’t let ’em dope ya, you’ll never measure if we hang to a rules
Look out, demeanour out, demeanour out for a ones they call fools

Come on, you’ve got to be kidding, what if we don’t wish to be what we say?
Come on, come on, come on oh there contingency be a way

Johnny was a crook from a start
He listened to a wardens instead of his heart
I don’t wish to be a hero, a saint or a fool
I only wish to win like they taught me during school

Forward lead a roads, roads to freedom
What a cost I’ll have to compensate – we should have known
Even heroes cry, approbation you’ve seen them
I consider I’ll take a highway for …

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/09/10/Police_probe_Saracen_funding/

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